An Inspector Calls

Tonight, as I stall in some productive work after dinner, I come across An Inspector Calls (BBC, 2015). Looking at the thumbnail, it didn’t look quite as appealing as say the Sherlock nor Agatha Christie books turned film/TV shows, but alas, it’s different and got me thinking about my life. Or shall I say ‘inspecting’. Can you even ‘inspect’ one’s own life?

What’s clever about this story is that it catches you off guard. The way the characters are exposed and admit to themselves their faults shows that we are all predisposed to this behaviour and that everybody is equal. I felt saddened that some ‘older souls’ didn’t change. It reminds me of last Sunday’s Mass’ Gospel reading (Matthew 13:1-23) of how different people respond to truth. However there is hope in goodness.

My favourite lines were the final speech of Inspector Goole as he leaves the house.

“There are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us with their lives and hopes and fears of sufferings and chances of happiness all intertwined with our lives. and what we think and do and say… We are responsible for each other.”

This valuable lesson gives me hope that we can do more for others and there are second chances. To me, we must learn it, or life will be all for nothing. What is even our purpose, if not to love each other and care for beautiful planet earth and creatures?

May the Lord bless you.


I am getting on with life after a long holiday after my little dog died suddenly. He will be 13 years old tomorrow. Getting on with life is much easier said than done. But it is funny that it happens without any prompting – you will be ready.

You will be better. Your soul will heal. Things will be alright.

Keep at it.

  1. Be sad – it’s ok. Take your time and forget people who tell you to ‘get over it’, or ‘snap out of it’. It can take a few weeks to years – it is your journey and your time.
  2. Surround yourself with good people who understand and root for you.
  3. Remember to eat – anything at the beginning then aim for wholesome food.
  4. Keep your end goal in mind – engage with it again and it will pull you forward.


Yap yap yap

Today I talked too much and revealed too much about myself to my colleagues. 

No, you never tell anybody you are thinking of leaving nor that you are starting a business. 

No no no no. 

Guys, if I were to rewind my day, I would use my brain and filter words before they come out!

Expectations and Reality

My basic expectations of my future spouse are starkly contrasted by my long term partner of 6 years. 

There are talks of marriage but nothing concrete. I honestly want to break it off. My patience has worn out. 

First area of concern: Communication

He never communicates his concerns especially related to his family. I feel that this is a barrier between us as I always hear of big plans from his family not him directly. 

Example, purchasing a car and changing careers. I always hear of this after the fact from who? His brother. WTF. 

Second area of concern: Lies

Honestly, I never realised he had the ability to be such a good liar. Or is this lacking in the communications department?

Example, me, “is your brother married (to keep his non-citizen girlfriend in the country)?”

Him, “I don’t know”

Me, “I saw a wedding picture in their house”

Him, “I don’t know”

Third area of concern: Sharing your spouse 

He has a good relationship with his older brother. I get it. But I don’t accept being second rate compared to his family. 

This will never change and though it is a good thing to be close with your family, it will cause much distress for me in the future. 

Example, points above. 

In fact all my concerns all tie back to his family. This is not on. 

Will I ever find anybody who is willing and committed?

Why is this titled ‘Expectations and Reality’ not ‘Expectations versus Reality’? Because they are always interlinked. There is nothing contrasting or binary about these aspects. 

Welcome 2017

Happy new year, my dear readers. 

Hope everybody had a well rested break and ready to live out the new year full out. 

It is important to take breaks. To totally disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. 

May your year be better than the last and one of the most memorable years yet.