Yay. Weekends

I’m in a great part of the world where there’s sunshine and beautiful blue skies to greet the all too short weekends. 

How come I love weekends and on Monday, I hate life?

Work is not that bad. But could be better. 


I’m going to kick start the weekend with some spiritual work followed by life coaching. It’s my usual combo and I love it!

Slow down. Slippery road ahead

The perks of slowing down is that the universe will not make you slow down with signs such as an emergency to the hospital AND a car crash.

Today I had these two. It was a seemingly “bad day” until I saw a little white docket on my windscreen of the car. 

Grudgingly, I ripped it off to see what damage it had done to my wallet. 

As if I was blind, the amount was circled. 




I blinked again. Never has this happened. A machine failure I suppose. 

Perhaps I was blind. Two more circles. 

“Warning” at the title. 

“No need to pay” just above $0.00. 

It’s my day. 

The universe has given me a little gift tailored to my flavour. 

Slow down. There may or may not be slippery roads ahead (it’s raining now), but you gotta take it on with a clear head. 

Slow down, creative stalker. Slow down. 


When did I have the consumerism mentality of feeling a pang of loss when I didn’t get anything from the shops?

Especially when all my Christmas shopping is done and I really don’t need anything. 

Yes, pretty lights and signs shouting ‘take me home’ are alluring. When did I yearn for this?

Perhaps unfulfilling day job? Mm… I thinks so, hobitses.