Slow down. Slippery road ahead

The perks of slowing down is that the universe will not make you slow down with signs such as an emergency to the hospital AND a car crash.

Today I had these two. It was a seemingly “bad day” until I saw a little white docket on my windscreen of the car. 

Grudgingly, I ripped it off to see what damage it had done to my wallet. 

As if I was blind, the amount was circled. 




I blinked again. Never has this happened. A machine failure I suppose. 

Perhaps I was blind. Two more circles. 

“Warning” at the title. 

“No need to pay” just above $0.00. 

It’s my day. 

The universe has given me a little gift tailored to my flavour. 

Slow down. There may or may not be slippery roads ahead (it’s raining now), but you gotta take it on with a clear head. 

Slow down, creative stalker. Slow down. 


When did I have the consumerism mentality of feeling a pang of loss when I didn’t get anything from the shops?

Especially when all my Christmas shopping is done and I really don’t need anything. 

Yes, pretty lights and signs shouting ‘take me home’ are alluring. When did I yearn for this?

Perhaps unfulfilling day job? Mm… I thinks so, hobitses.